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We Feature a Lunch Buffet Sunday thru Friday


Thai Food and its flavors

  Thailand has 6 different provinces (regions), which all have the same principal when it comes to preparing and sharing Thai food – create balance. It’s all about balance. There is a certain harmony you can feel between the sharp spice notes and the complimenting flavored textures dancing on your palate.

You may have heard some people ask for “Thai Style”. We serve our Thai food on that principal – cultivating meals that aggregate pleasantly until the last bite. You will love the five well known flavors in Thai food. They are sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and salty.

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Sunday - Friday


Discover us and our


Please join us for lunch and try our buffet. We have plenty of seating. This is a great way to get introduced to some of our best selling dishes. Sunday through Friday (11:30am -2:30pm) we offer a variety of curry, rice, noodle, and wok dishes.

Children under 4 (free) | Children 5- 11 ($6.95)
 $12.95 (12 y/o +) | $18.95 (special engagements)

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